Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frequently Ask Questions About Vaser Lipo

Am I a good candidate for the VASER Lipo® or VASER® Shape procedure?
While VASER procedures can be used to treat most patients, your physician may suggest an alternate treatment, based on your body type and medical situation.
Where do you perform the procedure, and what type of anesthesia will you use?
VASER Lipo can be performed in a physician's office, surgery center or hospital. For many VASER Lipo procedures, you may elect to have general or localized anesthesia. VASER Shape does not require anesthesia and is typically performed in an office setting.
How much fat can you remove? How many body areas can you treat at once?
Your physician may recommend a specific number of areas be treated and a maximum amount of fat to be removed per treatment.
When will I see results, and what results are realistic in my case?
The kinds of results you can expect will usually depend on your body type and your exact procedure.
How long is the healing process?
While the recovery process is usually minimized with VASER Lipo compared to traditional liposuction surgeries, you can expect to go through a period of healing post-treatment. This healing process can be affected by the total amount of fat removed and the number of body areas treated.
There is no downtime with VASER Shape procedures.

How much will myprocedure cost , and what are accepted forms of payment?
The cost of your VASER procedure will often vary according to your physician and factors such as numbers of body areas treated, type of anesthesia used, etc.

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